Acolyte's New Gel-Flush™ Technology


Gel-Flush™ technology is the latest proprietary innovation from Acolyte. This technology provides impenetrable breaches from any elements in weather and atmosphere!  Acolyte’s complete exterior wall washer line and all outdoor products now are manufactured with Gel-Flush™ Technology.

With the help of Dow Corning’s RTV-T (silicon electronic potting adhesive) in finally assembly, Gel-Flush™ gets pushed through the fixtures, followed by the installation of the lens covers and end caps, and then set aside for a 24-hour curing period.

Exterior products are guaranteed to never leak, condensate, or be breached by any environmental elements.  This results in a clear and unobstructed beam of light from the Acolyte fixtures. No more water beads changing and or refracting the specified beam angles.